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March 26, 2007


Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman

Any way to find just your stuff without having to click on every article to see who wrote it?


Not really, though I'm sure you're already visiting CHUD daily to read Devin's stuff. I did start a new column today called "The Crop Report", so, as long as I stick w/ it, you'll always know that's me.


you sonofabitch, i send you a phone pic of Rodney from Back to School and no response? Btw, Danny Elfman's score to Back to School? Ridiculously excellent.

Btw, that Rodney screen cap took me, like, 8 minutes to get. Eight minutes! And it's right when he says, "you're a melon!"

Btw btw, produced by Harold Ramis. I forgot that.

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