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March 10, 2007



Hey Mr. Beaks, Glad to see you're back to posting. As for the Mann quote, I think he got it backwards. Form is a rule that is made to be broken, mastered only so that it may be consciously abandoned and free expression can rear itself. Style is art.


In adjudication of the preceding formality of non-traditional happenstance, I find it's abundantly necessary for the analysis of perfunctory malfeasance in order to properly assess the attributes of production. If not for the proliferation of the proletariat in such a benign and ultimately anemic exigency of post-neophaegic cacophony, I might be partial to agree with the obliteration of the integral artistic psyche.

As such, I can only conclude the value of partial degringolade will cause tremendous amounts of pathol as to subjugate the work to be entirely viewed as floccinaucinihilipilification.


So Phloo,(can I call you Phloo?), what you are saying is, "shit sells"?


I'm actually saying that by putting up literally "nothing" and claiming it's "something," people will, indeed, buy poop.

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