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February 20, 2007



you diss the one movie you KNEW i'd like. i mean, who doesn't like a movie that has dianne wiest in it?

i hate you.


I cannot wait to hear your impassioned (re: unhinged) defenses of COPS AND ROBBERSONS, THE SCOUT, PRACTICAL MAGIC and I AM RETARD.


are you DARING me?


When you mentioned your dad's Porsche.... I recalled multiple trips to "North Grove Carry-Out" for candy and your dad would pick up some beer and wine... and when I was 14 I wrecked my dad's Mercedes. Thanks Jeremy!


I think we watched Caddyshack at your house... and my dad was pissed.... maybe I shouldn't have told him...


Didn't your dad just un-ground you for that Mercedes thing?

I was actually denied CADDYSHACK the first time we rented it from the Video Spectrum. I was going to say I watched that one at your house, too, but it might've been over at casa de Vamos. All I know is, your dad took us to see PURPLE RAIN, and for this I am eternally grateful.


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