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January 29, 2007


Matt Lynch

When I revisited the Bond films some time after I'd seen "The Last Detail", all I wanted was for Roger Moore tell Clifton that he was his favorite turd.


Bond, Unadjusted Bond:
15 Diamonds Are Forever UA $43,819,547
16 You Only Live Twice UA $43,084,787
17 Live and Let Die UA $35,377,836
18 License to Kill UA $34,667,015
19 From Russia, with Love UA $24,796,765
20 On Her Majesty's Secret Service UA $22,774,493
21 The Man with the Golden Gun UA $20,972,000

Golden Gun must have made them rethink, yeah, but Diamonds are Forever and Live and Let Die were hits, probably based on the advertising.


I have still never seen GREAT WHITE. That trailer made me mad about this.



If you want to pop the $20, it's yours.

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