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December 14, 2006


Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman.  Damn glad to meet ya.

Going on personal preference alone (with a smidgen of common sense)...

Line 1: Bobby Hull, Gretzky, Gordie
Line 2: Jarri Kurri, Mario, Mike Bossy
Line 3: The Rocket, Pat LaFontaine (in honor of his courageous efforts in NHL 93 in school), Phil Esposito
Line 4: Peter Stastny, Stevie, blank.

Now I could have put someone there, but Gordie demanded double shifts because he didn't like the way that Gretzky kid looked at him. And something about how if he didn't double shift, Gretzky would score all the records.

Oh, and of course, Stevie wears the C. When Gretzky complained about a lack of Messier, I told him there were already too many Rangers on the team. And then I punished him by making him watch American Anthem.

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