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July 13, 2005



Congrats! Sorry I kept emailing all day asking about it! I was so excited that it was time!!!!


Hey, looks good.


Nice one, pal.


This is going to go over like a lead zeppelin.


Hey, I've got a great idea...let's swap Bobby Simmons for Cuttino Mobley. Can someone please put a hit on Elgin Baylor for me? I can't even watch Cuttino play. He's an afront to basketball. Mobley opting out of his $6.5 million contract was one of the dumbest things I ever saw, and THEN he gets a five year deal averaging more per season than what he opted out of. It never fails. If someone in the NBA does something preposterous, you can always count on the Clippers to trump it with something even more preposterous. They finally spend some money, and it's on Cuttino Freakin' Mobley. This team is more hopeless than Caplan.


Basketball was yesterday Tony. Geez.

At least rambling about football. :)


Hey, Beaks, here's my first comment about Collider.com. Can you please tell me what the fuck "FCOJ" means, or whatever it is? If it's supposed to be a hip acronym for something, it would help if I knew what it means. Color me puzzled, since I can distinguish no discernible theme in any of the stories posted under that category.


"Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice". It's our miscellaneous section. A bit too inside-TRADING PLACES, I guess.

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