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February 09, 2005



An excellent choice my dark haired friend! I must say that Ticker is woefully unknown, and hopefully this little meeting will bring its many merits to light.

The first order of business, though; who is the actor that plays the police chief at the begining of the film? He's the one barking into the megaphone. He's amazing. Have you seen him? It's like the ghost of Don Simpson but a little fatter, a worse actor (Days of Thunder, anyone?), worse hair, worse tan, and I think he thinks he's in a BBQ commercial. You know, one of those where the fat tailgater talks about his favorite brand of bbq sauce? And also, his voice is dubbed. But that's a side bar. There's a lot to talk about when it comes to Ticker.

And yes, Segal did (sorta)famously sexually harass Jamie Pressely during the shoot. How famous can it be when we're talking Ticker? But really... those bruise marks on Jamie's face during the intense interogation scene ain't from make-up ifyougetmydrift.


I'm slacking; I still haven't seen it.


Shame on you, Jeremiah.

For your benefit, here's a quote from the film:

Glass (Segal's Character): "Love never dies, and neither do they. Love is eternal, and that's a long time."


This is gay. Wake me up when the film at hand is TROOP BEVERLY HILLS.


I couldn't agree with Kevin, more. This truly is some sort of classic that needs to be endlessly looped on the WGN Superstation. It could become their "Shawshank Redemption". It's got such a good dramatic structure and contains all the valuable elements that make filmmaking worth loving.

But hell if I've ever seen it.

May I recommend an equally quafible film for our next discussion... HERO & THE TERROR. Truly underappreciated.


With the impending release of OVER THE TOP to dvd....


If we're gonna go so far as "Hero and the Terror" how about this one:

And has anyone ever seen this? I saw it as a kid and just rediscovered it. Rick Backer makeup! Bliss:



Troop. Beverly. Hills. People.

Troop. FUCKING. Beverly. HILLS.

Shelly Long is very underrated in it as the pampered rich girl, forced to be troop leader of a sqaud of girl scouts. And though, the predicatable hijinx ensue, at it's core is a very heartfelt *and real* look at growing up around society's pressures and expectations. Please rent at your earliest convience so we can all discuss. And enjoy.


SOMETHING IS OUT THERE is PHENOMENAL! Seriously one of those bizarre TV movie events that turned into a sicko cheese-fest, replete with some dude's face getting ripped open, and a killer cockroach from outerspace.

Good call, Kevin.

Better than "V".


You said it correctly this evening Jeremy. You may as well let the lunatics run the asylum.


My 3 minute phone message left to Jeremy about the merits of Troop Beverly Hills and why it should be next in the discussion series was by no means insane. And honestly, I'm offended at the accusation. Look, Jeremy. If you don't like Troop Beverly Hills...just say so. I'll be the first to admit it's not for everyone. Highbrow entertainment rarely is. But fuck man...just say so instead of all this backstabbing. What's next? Hating on Mermaids? If it comes to that...We're coming to blows High Noon style.


Jeff, I think he was aiming it at Shubbadubba, who seems to be in love with Kevin.

(His guest blogger post over at my place is nothing but Kevin love.)

Who can hate Mermaids? Cher: check. Bob Hoskins: check. A young Ryder: check. And the debut of Ricci: check. Period piece: AMEN!


You really shouldn't have said "period piece" after discussing Ricci's debut. Filthy.

TROOP BEVERLY HILLS = ain't gonna happen. But if you quit your whinging, I may put VIBES on the queue.


I'll give you a mint $1 bill to throw into the g-string of your choice if you also include JEWEL OF THE NILE as a discussion topic.

Sequel to end all sequels, baby. Hell, they even got the original cast back together. Set pieces galore.

That scene at the end where the dude walks through the fire is so f-in' intense, I can hardly sit still in my crummy office chair just thinking about it.

Oh yeah.

I would think that even Jeff would be satiated with VIBES. Seriously, man. TROOP BEVERLY HILLS? It's so obviouse that HELLO, AGAIN is a much better showcase of Shelley Long's work. (I remember I bought this Sierra game back in '88, King's Quest IV, that actually trumpeted the fact on the software packaging that it included "Music from HELLO, AGAIN". The film is just that influential, man.)

Lew Zealand

If your going to go with a "lead character gets their soul moved to another body" motif, forget HELLO, AGAIN and go with ALL OF ME. At least that has a hilarious(?) foreign guy saying "Inthebowl" a million times.

Also, TICKER pales in comparison to the Pyun masterpiece MEAN GUNS featuring stand-out performances from Christophe Lambert and Mr. Ice-T.


Dude, that hilarious foreign guy was Fletch's editor! (Forgive me, Richard Libertini; I'm not forgetting your scintillating portrayal of Nosh in SHARKY'S MACHINE.)

Shelley Long films fit for discussion on my blog: NIGHT SHIFT, CAVEMAN and LOSIN' IT. Although, Austin Pendleton is in HELLO AGAIN, and that's happy things.


"You really shouldn't have said "period piece" after discussing Ricci's debut. Filthy."

Said the man who left the Lohan sauce in my car. Don't worry Jeff, we bought some for you too.


I'm off for a freakin' DAY and look at all this! S'wunerfull! Not as wonderful as Jeff, sitting at home, alone (yes yes Jeff I said 'Home Alone' now go cry 'cause of the old man... homo) and watching "TBH" (we can't say the full title anymore 'cause of Jeremiah's decree) and saying to himself, over and over, "This is so fucking good. Just... so fucking good."

You will not do that when we watch Ticker. Oh shit i'm supposed to answer a question about that, aren't I?

And a blog would be so rad. I can't do it right now but what a nice thing to invite me to do with my non-existant free time. In lieu of creating THAT, I will leave you with THIS -- upper right hand corer, possibly the greatest GIF of all time:



I made my parents disappear....






*grabs sled and sleds down stair to snow outside*


*grabs sled and sleds down stair to snow outside into waiting arms of oiled down black man with large dong.

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