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January 28, 2005



I talked to dre about it briefly. I guess that the movie has to be a mess. The book is, it's just careening from joke to joke, set up to set up. The story is thin at best.


What works, though, works brilliantly. I got all teary during the Sperm Whale's descent *and* Slartibartfast whisking Arthur out to the Factory Floor, which is suitably jaw-dropping.


Though the film starts rocky after a wonderful opening sequence/musical number, it keeps building to it's third act, which is its best.


Were the Guide segments in the cut you saw?


Yep. The Babelfish description is excellent.


Any review right now is hardly definitive, since we were missing twenty minutes.


I put my review up just now.

The more I've thought about it, the more I liked it.

And the trailer that premieres in a few weeks is fucking amazing. It'll really work to sell it to a wide audience.

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